About us

Neustadt Springs is the product of over 160 years of tenacity, sustainability, and hand-crafted excellence.

Beer made with the highest standard of purity

Since 1859, the brewery that is now Neustadt Springs has sat upon one of the finest sources of pure spring water in all of Canada.

Reputed to be the oldest operating original brewery building in Ontario, we pride ourselves on the refreshing purity, hard work, and rewarding history that goes into our beer.

Let’s go way back

Brewing with history

The history of our brewery began in the year of 1857, when Henry Huether came from Germany to the town of Neustadt, Ontario. He founded the Crystal Springs Brewery in 1859 which was built over a natural spring.  In the early 1860s, a fire destroyed much of the wooden structure. Forty stone masons were then brought over from Germany to rebuild the brewery. Local fieldstone was brought in by farmers in exchange for beer. By 1869 it was ready to begin brewing again.

For 57 years, the brewery continued serving local needs. Villagers skimmed yeast from the vats for their baking and malt residue was used by farmers to feed their cattle. This spirit of sustainability lives on today, as our used malt is reused by local farmers to feed their cattle.

Over the years, the building was not only used to brew beer, but also contained a ten bedroom hotel as well as a stable and hay loft.

The small stone building to the north of the brewery was originally a customs and excise office where the officer would check the barrels of beer going out full and coming in empty to calculate taxes due.

The brewery closed its doors in 1916, due to the decline of the local population and also the beginning of prohibition in Canada. Since then, the building has had a variety of other uses including – the old Neustadt Creamery, an egg grading station, the Neustadt town hall, a farmers market and even a dance hall.

After remaining vacant for a number of years, the old brewery building was sold and reopened as Neustadt Springs Brewery in 1997. In July 2021 it was resold to new owners, Mike and Anita Weber, who are very excited about this “neu adventure.

The quality of our beer is something that can only be achieved with the right combination of an unyielding history, the purest ingredients, and a brewmaster to rival all brewmasters.

Our history is about more than just the building’s founding date. A lot has occurred here over the years; however, the fine quality of our beer and service, even after so many years, continues to be cultivated with handmade care and passion.

Built on a foundation of purity

The original builders were strategic in their land choice. Being built on one of the purest springs in all of Canada, we take advantage of this to brew our beer. The quality of our beer is of the utmost importance. By pairing this pristine ingredient with the finest malts, hops, and yeasts, we can confidently say our recipes surpass this standard. 

The result? Incomparable flavour that keeps you coming back for another pint.

A beer is only as good as its creator

Marvin Dyck, Brewmaster

Marvin has watched the craft beer industry explode since he entered it in 2003.  After spending 18 years with Wellington Brewery, Marvin made the move to Neustadt Springs Brewery.  Established in 1859, the rich history of the brewery allows Marvin to share his passion for both history and science.  Having a Masters of Science and a Bachelors in Food Science minoring in History, Marvin is able to acknowledge and respect the past but also push forward and innovate with the future of craft beer.  He is excited to be a part of this “Neu” chapter in the history of the brewery and is always working on crafting new brews.

Looking for the full Neustadt Springs experience?

Come visit our taproom today to immerse yourself in our history with a pint in hand.

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