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The Staples

5.5% | Premium Dark Ale


A traditional English brown ale that utilizes premium specialty malts to achieve a slightly nutty aroma and smooth caramel flavour.

Don’t be afraid of the dark, this ale is refreshing and drinkable and, like the oil, meant to keep your engine running clean and smooth.

4.5% | Scottish Pale Ale


A malt-forward pale ale that is loaded with flavour. Brewed in the traditional Scottish style, this beer is deep gold in colour and uses a hint of roasted barley making it smooth-tasting with plenty of body.

This is a beer everyone can agree on.

5.0% | coffee blonde

café crisp

We partnered with the brilliant world of Ashanti coffee to brew up a unique coffee/beer hybrid.  The addition of lactose gives the beer a smooth, creamy mouthfeel and Ashanti’s amazing house blend provides notes of caramel and chocolate.  Reminiscent of a café latte, who says it needs to be coffee or beer?

5.2% | Märzenbier

Marvin the Märzen

A malt-forward traditional lager crafted using only the best malts from the Munich area to create an authentic Oktoberfest beer. Medium-bodied with a solid malt profile and perfectly hopped to balance the malts.  Best enjoyed all year long, this beer truly is out-of-this-world!

7.0% | IPA

Neu Day

To celebrate the dawning of a “Neu” day, we crafted this brand-new unfiltered IPA.  Notes of melon, grape and citrus permeate the aroma and the refreshing taste has just the right amount of bitterness.  Bask in the hope and potential a new day can bring.

4.0% | Lager

Raspberry Lager

A lighter lager soured with raspberries. Pours a golden colour with a nice white head, light raspberry flavour against a malt background. Very refreshing on a hot day. Ideal for the non-beer drinkers!

4.0% | German Lager

The Bruce

Those that know it, know it.  It’s a place, an encounter, a state of mind, Bruce County.  The beer is a traditional German light lager that is light in colour and alcohol with slight bready notes and delicate hop flavours.  Plunge into the cool, crisp, and refreshing experience The Bruce can give.

0% | Sparkling Hop Water

Hop’d Spring Water

We took our pure, natural spring water and local hops and brewed a sparkling hop water that can be enjoyed by absolutely anyone. The result is a refreshing, sparkling water with 0 calories, 0 carbs, 0 alcohol and all the flavour!

0% | Sparkling Water

Citrus Sparkling Water

We took our pure, delicious spring water, and blended it with natural citrus flavours. We added some carbonation to it and have ended up with a most delightful and refreshing drink that is sure to satisfy any palate.

5.0% | Moonshine Seltzer

Bootlegger Bubbly

Harkening back to the early days of our brewery, we have tapped into the alter ego of a place and time dictated by a strong desire for beverages with a little more of a punch, despite the rule of law.  Bootleggers and moonshine are synonymous with that period in time, and we have embraced our roots to distill this most delicious elixir.  Made with our own pure spring water and premium distilled moonshine, we’ve added only the best natural flavours to bring you a most refreshing and delicious drink.

Rotating Brews



Black currants have a unique taste and are loaded with antioxidants.  Naturally, we decided to make a sour then and load it up with black currant pureé.  The result is a beer with a decidedly delightful purple hue and layers of rich, earthy, tart, refreshing flavours.  So join the jam, Gramma’s already there rockin’ out!

5.1% | weissbier

neustadt weiss

A traditional German Weissbier with a dominant wheat malt base and subtle hop notes. The bulk of the taste and aroma comes from the unique Weizen yeast which imparts spice, clove and banana flavours. Leaving this beer unfiltered allows these flavours to shine.

5% | Kettle Sour

Peach Man Go

This effervescent kettle sour utilizes Peach and Mango pureé to compliment the lower pH from the kettle-souring process.  Decidedly tart, but with the subtle balance of the fruit, this tasty treat will leave you longing to gobble up more.

4.6% | Stout

Texas Tea

The use of all dark specialty malts makes this a very smooth drink. Enhanced with pure local honey to give a nice, sweeter mouthfeel than a normal stout.

4.8% | porter

village porter

A classic English-style porter with a twist.  1% Ontario wine gives this porter a slight fruity note that balances out the roasted and chocolate flavours of the malt.  An altogether pleasant experience akin to living in one of the prettiest villages in Ontario.

4.5% | Pale Ale

West Grey APA

This refreshing pale ale is made with 100% local hops.  Vibrant notes of pineapple, citrus and tropical fruit dominate the aroma which is backed by a well-rounded malt body.  So, sit back and relax, because local tastes better.

Limited Runs



We put the emphasis on the hops.  This series seeks to showcase some unique or special angle associated with hops.

What is decidedly different than an IPA? A deliciously delectable double IPA! With double the amount of hops and the alcohol depth to dance with and defend it, this Emphasis divvies out the hop dividends. Displaying the hops Jarrylo and Zythos (the Greek word for beer), look for distinctive citrus aromas (tangerine, orange, lemon and lime) and delicate pin and spice denotations. May this zythos define a definitive double!



We put the emphasis on the hops.  This series seeks to showcase some unique or special angle associated with hops.

Like a glass of freshly squeezed juice, this pale ale has everything going on. A touch of sweetness from the lactose, haze from the oats and wheat and all the rest of the flavour and aroma coming from Citra hops.

All that is left to decide…Do the hops make it taste like peach or grapefruit or both? Perhaps a tropical fruit punch? We’ll leave that up to your taste buds.

7.0% | Helles Bock

Diefen Bocker

A true German Helles bock, this beer underwent a decoction mash regime and is a stronger version of a Helles which is a “light” style of German beer.  Light amber in colour, the nose dances with grain-sweet malt aromas and the traditional German hops give it just the right amount of bitterness. 

This beer is as smooth as a politician, but not just any politician, Neustadt’s own John Diefenbaker. Diefen-Bock-er, as we now affectionately call him, is remembered for appointing the first female minister to cabinet, the first Indigenous member to the Senate and granting the vote to the First Nations and Inuit peoples. 

So after a couple of sips of this beer, you’ll be ready to change the world!

Cellar Series

Only available in our on-site retail store.

10.5% | Imperial Stout

Bourbon Trail Imperial

Aged in premium bourbon barrels.

6.7% | Premium Lager

Raspberry Lager

Aged in premium rum barrels.

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