Diefen Bocker

7.0% | Helles Bock

A true German Helles bock, this beer underwent a decoction mash regime and is a stronger version of a Helles which is a "light" style of German beer.  Light amber in colour, the nose dances with grain-sweet malt aromas and the traditional German hops give it just the right amount of bitterness.  This beer is as smooth as a politician, but not just any politician, Neustadt's own John Diefenbaker.  Diefen-Bock-er, as we now affectionately call him, is remembered for appointing the first female minister to cabinet, the first Indigenous member to the Senate and granting the vote to the First Nations and Inuit peoples.  So after a couple of sips of this beer, you'll be ready to change the world!

473 mL can


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